2hr Healing Meditation/Spiritual Development group


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An absolute must for 2024! Committing to practices that support our wellbeing and spiritual path should be a no-brainer. Do you need support to create a practice, do you know how to meditate, do breath work, connect with your Higher Self? You will learn so many more unique energy tools from Regina to add to your spiritual tool box! Ones you can use in daily living to make better choices, to be more aware, grounded and peaceful. We all feed/groom sometimes abuse our physical bodies daily , do you fuel your spirit? Your spirit is impacted on how you treat yourself physically and visa versa.  Without spirit we don’t have that energy-bounce in our step, that levitates us out of bed in the morning. We are spiritual beings living in a physical world, focus not just on the physical.  For any practice the hardest part is getting on your meditation cushion. Challenge yourself and join our weekly Healing Circle. Connect and heal your spirit.

Namaste Regina💚


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