Remote / Distance Healing


Remote Integrated Energy Therapy® Sessions. 1 hour session.


What sages, shamans, healers have known across the world and through time are now measurable effects. Thanks to advances in evidence-based scientific research, remote energy healings have made a popular and huge resurgence in the western world.

Based on my experience and the responses from my clients, it has been shown time again that remote sessions are VERY powerful. Many of my clients have said remote Integrated Energy Therapy® sessions are even more powerful than those received in person. They are also great fun and so enjoyable for me as a practitioner. If you believe in the power of prayer this is your “cup of tea”!

A distant session can be used to send healing energy to a person anywhere! This is possible because energy is not limited by time or space. Similar to when we can feel the negative effects of e.g. ‘road rage’ from a stranger in a car a short or medium distance away, we can also feel and experience the positive effects of energy from a short, medium or long distance. Regina has a certain knowness and empathy along with a professional background in nursing blended with many energy therapy skills to hold the space for your healing and in the distant sessions.

When I work with clients remotely via Skype or FaceTime, Google Meet. I ask them what their primary concerns are at the beginning of our call. We have an email exchange or a phone conversation before the actual time of their appointment. I suggest they set an intention for their session by asking, “If you could use the IET® energy in this session to heal, shift, change, clear, modify, empower, expand or manifest anything, what would it be?”.

We organize a day/time for the session once payment is arranged. After the session, I send the notes to the client or opt to schedule a post-session conversation if not using facetime.

Distant sessions offer a convenient alternative to in-person sessions for those of you with a busy schedule. Bodytalk and IET® can be performed remotely, meaning the client and the practitioner are in different places. This is also called distant healing. For details about each of these healing services, please read further …

There's nothing you need to do during the session except enjoy the benefits. If you choose to tune in during the session, the preferred method is for you to be lying down in a comfortable quiet place so you can fully experience the treatment on a conscious level. We would set up a designated start and finish time prior to the treatment. At the specified time, the treatment is performed remotely. You can expect to experience the same sensations and results as you would in an in-person session. You will receive an email with session notes at the completion of your session.

I recommend 45-minute sessions followed up by maintenance of 15-30 minute sessions.

I personally LOVE offering sessions remotely. It works wonderfully for people who can’t or would prefer not to come to a therapy room e.g. due to distance, illness, is physically/emotionally unwell, teenagers, shy people, babies, older or those with disabilities.


The world's most famous equation! Energy =mass times the speed of light squared.

Expresses the association of mass with every form of energy. So, if energy is released from the body, then the rest mass of the body will decrease. You become Lighter.


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