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An interest in personal development, healing or chakra system. An intention: Ask yourself: “Is there something I would like to shift, change, remove or transform in my life”. This answer may help formulate a simple positive intention.



CLASS DESCRIPTION: Regina was first introduced to the chakras and meditation when she stayed at a meditation ashram in Java for 6 weeks in 1995.This started Regina journey and curiosity into energy and the different ways we can project our energy in every day life.  Regina studied chakra, candle water, mantra, sunrise, sun meditations also some specific healing meditations and group meditation. After this Regina studied for 4 years at the Chiara college of Metaphysics, which gave her a more grounded knowledge into the healing modalities, the wisdom behind the chakra system and energy field. Being a nurse, general and mental health, healing and caring for people along with professionalism are important to Regina Meditation can be done alone or within a group dynamic. Group energy can prove to be more powerful specially to shift energy. The higher the energy vibration of the group the higher you will be pulled up to reach this vibration. This course “introduction to the chakras” is a course that Regina has designed from a series of Chakra Meditations that Regina wrote and facilitated in Ireland in 2008. It is perfect for students who would love to learn about meditation, the chakra system and how stuck energy in the energy field can be released and transmuted. This allows your energy to become lighter, allowing the Universe to reflect back to you what you project out. Regina describes “lighter” as in, your life is in sync and flows more, with less struggle and pain, either emotional or physical.

CLASS METHODOLOGY: This class is based on a powerful 7 chakra system. I will be facilitating the course on-line. It will also include important energy tools e.g., Grounding, aligning and running your energy. Each class will offer a guided meditation to clear and balance your energy centres and energy field. A clear and balanced energy field will allow you to attract into your life the opportunities, people, places and events that will bring you into alignment with your gifts and soul purpose.

CLASS STRUCTURE: -7 Classes, 7 chakras, 1 hour weekly, over 7 weeks.


Class 1: Introduction to the chakra system. (7am Wednesday First chakra, base chakra and information Bonus: Grounding and aligning energetic tool. Guided meditation and healing.

Class 2: Second chakra/Sacral chakra Sacral chakra and information Guided meditation and healing.

Class 3: Third chakra/Solar Plexus Solar Plexus chakra and information Bonus: empowering energetic tool. Guided meditation and healing.

Class 4: Fourth Chakra/Heart chakra Heart chakra and information Bonus: Blessing Bowl Guided meditation and heart healing. Introduction to Chakras and Energy Field (8-week course)

Class 5: Fifth chakra/throat chakra Throat chakra and information. Guided meditation and healing.

Class 6: Sixth Chakra /third eye chakra Third Eye chakra and information. Guided meditation and healing.

Class 7: Seventh Chakra/Crown Center Crown chakra and spiritual connection. Bonus: Aura introduction and clearing. Guided white light chakra meditation

Please create a quite uninterrupted space for one hour for this zoom class. Pen for notes/journaling.

PRICE: $70($10 per class) REGISTRATION: see online courses :


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