Accunect™ is a powerful, simple, non- invasive therapy that allows the body to balance and heal itself as nature intended. Stress is the main reason why your body is thrown out of balance. Stress is created from emotions, beliefs, accidents, injuries, toxins, allergies, ongoing infections, past trauma and a feeling of being disconnected from ourselves or our environment. These all impact the ability of your body to function at optimal levels, resulting in illness and disease.

Accunect™ brings the body out of stress mode and into healing mode, allowing the body to function normally, balancing the body and its systems on all levels.

How does it work? During an Accunect™ balancing session Regina uses muscle checking to find out areas of stress and imbalance. Regina finds your unique healing story using a Accunect™ Health Map. The health map brings awareness of the priority of what needs to be balanced at the highest level for mind, body and spirit. Regina locates the primary focus of treatment or balancing by using a simple technique called muscle checking. Accunect™ helps the nervous system to focus on the functioning of all systems more effectively, resources are directed to the right places in the body and very specific areas of health physically, mentally and emotionally are addressed

Changing: Regina uses the Health Map to identify health areas to be focused on. We use light tapping to create a vibration withing the clients energy field. The head is tapped lightly to stimulate the brain and the nervous system (which connects to every system of the body). The heart/sternum is tapped to help store the changes in the body through the Chinese Meridian System and heart complex. One session in Accunect can be so rewarding for people who are stuck in life e.g., balancing the kidneys can eliminate a lot of fear-based issues that impact our lives in many hidden ways, and keep us from
reaching our full potential.

Healing: Accunect sessions take the body into healing mode rather than stress mode. When the body is in healing mode, its resources such as food, blood supply and oxygen are sent to the area of the body required for optimal functioning and regeneration of cells. Healing takes place on all levels mind, body and spirit. This allows the body to reconnect to its innate wisdom to self-regulation and heal. We were all born with this innate wisdom to digest, see, cry, think, heal, it was natural, to us when we were born, lets reconnect and believe again!

Can it help me?

Accunect™ can help with the following issues and much more:

  • ADD/ADHD Infections
  • Allergies Insomnia
  • Arthritis Headaches
  • Asthma High cholesterol
  • Autoimmune Issues High blood pressure
  • Back Pain Learning disorders
  • Behaviour problems Menstrual problems
  • Chronic fatigue Muscular pain
  • Depression Pain
  • Digestive disorders Pre & Post surgery
  • Emotional disorders post-traumatic stress
  • Endocrine issues Scars
  • Fears and Phobias Sports injuries
  • Infertility Viruses